Hello Music Lovers!
An accomplished Singer Songwriter and energetic performer
Mike’s original music rings true with things that everyone can
relate to. Catchy hooks and signature lines can be heard in
all of his songs. Mike is able to play all instruments, drums,
keyboard, bass, and the banjo to name a few. When asked
about his music Mike says “It’s like an avenue to tell stories
and to say things that you would not normally say”.  
Mike plays Ovation, Guild and Washburn guitars in standard
and alternate tunings (open D, G and E flat) so there is
always a new sound to explore. His style is an aggressive
blend of Classic Rock, Blues, Country and Alternative music.
Some of his songwriting heroes are John Rzeznik, (Goo Goo
Dolls) Shelia Davis, Ryan Adams, Neil Young, and Robin
Frederick. Mike is a TAXI member and has attended the TAXI
Road Rallies in Los Angeles. He is always thinking up lyrics
and writing melodies, working on his music and practicing.
Where does Mike perform?
Mike plays a great happy hour and performs at area clubs, open
Mic's and songwriting competitions. He supports local area
animal shelters and plays many fund raisers throughout the
year. Check him out at some of these Venues:
Mike Corwel Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist
Next Show: June 1st 7:45PM @ Pit Stop Cafe' Milford Connecticut
Huntington Street Café (Shelton, CT)
The Frog Pond (Stratford, CT)
First and Last Café (Danbury, CT)
Dewey's Irish Pub (Seymour, CT)
Cooks Café (Nagatuck, CT)
Liquid Venue (Orange, CT)
Sam Ash Music (New Haven, CT)
Stratford Day (Stratford,CT)
Dog Days (Oxford, CT)
The Red Door (Watertown, CT)
Toads Place (New Haven, CT)
Mike Corwel
Mikes Playing Style